How it all started

As a regular sauna user and self-employed stylist, it was an elixir for me to regularly go to the sauna to refuel. There is the place where I can recharge my batteries after a hard week.

As a stylist, I attach great importance to individuality and timeless design. It can be a bit elegant and still casual.

First I started to design elegant and ladylike cuts in collaboration with a designer and to produce them in small numbers in Germany. This enabled me to win the Hotel Kempinski Atlantic in Hamburg (energy clinic) for my new models.

Today i have my sporty collection PURE in the program and I am traveling internationally at trade fairs.

What do I mean by ladylike in the SPA?

Why should I feel dressed in the SPA?

Over the years there have been some curves and I don't feel well dressed in conventional bathrobes.

After a long research I did not find any dressing robes
A visit to the sauna with my sister inspired my first cutting idea.

That's how my first model swing came about.

After selling UNIKATE to Morocco, Dubai and Denmark, I thought about which sporty design could be popular.

Every day I think about what occasion I want to wear which clothes and in my free time I want to feel really comfortable and individually dressed.

I hadn't found that in any of the conventional bathrobes.

The question came up, what details does a sporty bathrobe need that I feel comfortable as a woman?

What details do a men's bathrobe need?

This is how the PURE collection came about. Here I have combined style, nonchalance and practical details.

Among other things men can finally sit comfortably without having to reveal private details.

Eyeglass case, key and cell phone case is equally important. I also put an end to the eternal search for belts. Model PURE combines all important details.

Manufacturing in Germany is more important to me than ever.


Who am I?

I am originally from Constance and have been living in Hamburg since 1994.

My brand STOLTENBERG spa arose from my passion to use the SPA regularly.

In addition to the bathrobes, there have also been lifestyle vests, hats and towels and some more for some time. The fluffy soft vests and hats are great companions throughout the year. We here in the north are grateful to have something practically small and warm in our pockets when the weather changes. The perfect shopping experience for everyone who loves relaxation.

You find that with me?

My own taste plays an important role in the selection of the articles. I make sure that I only design items of clothing that I find practical and stylish myself, among other things. Add flip flops to the program that I would wear myself.

This ensures that you feel stylish and dressed even in your free time.

My fabrics are all ÖKO Tex 100 standard and are all fluffy, soft washable and light.

My PURE collection is designed by women and men alike.

You can order online throughout Germany and from other European countries.

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