STOLTENBERG · stands for chic, functionality, lightness & design

It is important to me to produce in Hamburg, Germany, in order to secure our location and be independent.

STOLTENBERG spa | street was developed to ensure that I am always well-dressed in my quality time or in everyday life. Soft, cozy, light, and gentle fabrics characterize my range.

Whether it's Bamboo Twin Velour, Alpenfleece, or recently Cashmere, I work with fine needles and the best tailors in the city to transform them into innovative designs.

Sporty chic, always a bit special, yet timeless.

Immerse yourself in my fine world of fabrics, enjoy your new look, and always feel BEAUTIFUL.

My designs are exclusively developed and therefore limited editions.

I personally take the time for you,

Yours sincerely, Tanja Stoltenberg

Upcoming Events

You can personally meet me with my new collection "BRILLIANT" on-site. It is an exclusive experience accompanied by personal consultation.

  • Mi 13. März - 17. März


    Leben im Garten

    Europas einzigartiges Gartenereignis

    Wallisellenstrasse 49

    8050 Zürich

  • Fri 15th Sep - 17th Sep

    Das Fürstliche Gartenfest Schloss Wolfsgarten

    63329 Langen bei Frankfurt a. M.

  • Fri 14th July - 16th July

    Kunsthandwerkermarkt Lübeck-Travemünde

    Fährplatz 1 – an der Vorderreihe 21 A

    23570 Lübeck – Travemünde

  • Sat 04th Nov - 05th Nov

    Reinbeker SchlossPartie

    Schlossstraße 5

    21465 Reinbek

  • Mon 27th Nov - 31th Dec

    Weihnachtszauber Gendarmenmarkt

    Auf dem Bebelplatz